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The Structure

With the promulgation of the Act 525 of 1996, the Hospital has been conferred with the powers to operate as a semi-autonomous organisation. The Hospital draws direction from a Management Board charged with the responsibility of giving broad guidance for its smooth administration.

Running the daily affairs of the Hospital is vested in the Chief Executive, who is assisted in his duties by seven Directors. The Directors are for Medical Affairs, Pharmacy, Nursing Services, Finance, Administration, Human Resources and General Services.

Administrative power is vested in the Budget Management Centre (BMC) which is headed by the Chief Executive to ensure the smooth and effective operation of the Hospital. Administrative power is further devolved to the departments referred to as the Sub-Budget Management Centres (Sub-BMCs). The Sub-BMCs include the Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Medical, Surgical, Accident & Emergency, Plastic Surgery and Burns centre. The rest are the Pathology, Child Health, Polyclinic, Laboratory, Anaesthesia and Radiology Sub-BMCs.