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Radiology Department


About us

The Radiology Department was under the Chief Administrator's Sub-Budget Management Center (Sub-BMC). It gained a Sub-BMC status in the year 2009.

It has been accredited internationally as a training ground for West African College of Surgeons (WACS) and locally, by the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons (GCPS) for the training of Radiologists.

Equipment And Modalities
Here are some of the equipment and their modalities used in the Department:
- X-ray machine for general radiography such as chest, spine and extremities, etc.
- Two (2) fluoroscopy equipment for special examinations as barium studies, Hysterosalpingogram (H.S.G), Intravenous Urogram (I.V.U), Myelograms, etc.
- Six (6) ultrasound machines for scan of all parts.
- X-ray machine for casualty and emergency cases at the Accident & Emergency Centre.
- C.T Scanner for all parts.
- M.R.I Scanner for all parts.
- Mobile equipments for portable X-ray at Surgical Department and NICU at Maternity Block.


Our Services

The Department of Radiology provides diagnostic services for both in and out patients employing various imaging modalities such as the following:
- General Radiography
- Trauma Radiography
- Ward Radiography
- Theatre Radiography
- Computerised Tomography (C.T.) Scanning
- Magnetic Resonance Imaging (M.R.I)
- Ultrasonography
- Mammography
- Specialized Radiography and
- Interventional Radiology

The Department runs Residency programme for Doctors who aspire to become specialists (Radiologists).

It also acts as a training ground for undergraduate Bachelor of Science (BSc.) radiography programme for the School of Allied Health, College of Health Sciences.

Apart from the Main Radiology Block which contains five (5) different Machine Rooms, there are satellites X-ray facilities at the following areas in the Hospital:
- Accident/Emergency Centre
- Korle Bu Polyclinic
- Child Health Department
- Chest Clinic
- MRI/CT Scan Centre


Mobile X-ray equipment C-arm is also available at the Surgical Wards theatres.
The Radiology Sub-BMC is managed by five (5) core management members, namely:
1. Head of Department (Dr. Yaw Boateng)
2. Administrator (Mrs. Hannah Reynolds)
3. Chief Radiographer (Mr. Steven Boateng)
4. Accountant (Mr. Gideon Gawuga)
5. Engineer (Rev. George Lutterodt)

6. Pharmacist (Mr. Nathan Coompson)


Our staff

Human Resource
The Department of Radiology can boast of a highly qualified human capital base. The consultants provide services to both individuals and organizations.

Below is the breakdown of the various categories of Human Resource in the department:

Consultants (7)
Residents (21)
Radiographers (25)
Technical Officers (5)
Technical Assistants (3)
Orderlies (7)
Executive Officer (1)
Administrator (1)
Accountant (1)
Accounts Officers (5)
Secretaries (1)

Administrative Managers (3)

Nurses (8)