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Accident Department


The Accident Centre receives trauma cases in the Metropolis as well as the regions and sometimes from the West African Sub region and works in relation with other Sub-BMCs in the Hospital. It is one of the leading centres that provides the highest quality of care to all accident and orthopaedic cases it receives, bringing them to near or full recovery.

Core Functions
Provision of specialist care for trauma, accident and referred orthopaedic cases for all age groups.

Specialists in the department teach undergraduate medical students in Trauma and othopaedics. The department is also a training site for trauma and orthopaedics post graduates and nursing students. (See below under training)

It is a fertile ground for medical research. There is a load of clinical data available for research in trauma and orthopaedics. The department is also a site for collaborative research with other department of the Hospital, Ministry of Health and the University of Ghana.

Our Staff – Human Resource

Consultants and Specialist

Dr. F. Kwarteng
Dr. A. Ocloo
Dr. M. Segbefia
Dr. D. Baddoo
Dr. F. Salawu
Dr. A. Hillah
Dr. P. Nutsuklo

The specialist nurses include critical care Nurses, peri-operative nurses,
Public Health Nurses and general nurses

There are also supporting staff of various backgrounds.

The Sub-BMC management team is made up of:

1. Dr. Frederick Kwarteng (H.O.D)
2. Mr. Emanuel Ameyaw-Buronyah (Adminsitrator)
3. Mr. Azanda Stanley (Accountant)
4. Mr. Stephen Corquaye (pharmacist)
5. Mr. Ebenezer Ziddah (Engineer)
6. Miss Evelyn Boye (DDNS-Trauma)
7. Mrs. Martina Heymann (DDNS - Orthopaedics)

Clinical Units
The main units of the department are:
1.The outpatient’s department, which is the first point of call for all patients referred to the department. This is also divided into the acute care outpatient department and the specialty clinics.
2.The emergency area and casualty reception is the transition area where severe accident requiring intervention / admission are first stabilized before being admitted to the wards.

These specialty clinics include
• General Orthopaedics and Trauma Clinic (Monday – Thursday)
• Arthroplasty Clinic – Tuesday
• Pediatric Orthopaedic Clinic – Wednesday
• Fracture Clinic Fridays

Support Units
The clinical Units are supported by:
a. A records and Biostatistics Unit
b. A satellite Pharmacy
c. A satellite Laboratory
d. A satellite X-ray Unit
e. Orthotic Shop

Types of cases
All Trauma Cases
All Orthopaedics Cases

Patient statistics: the out-patient attendance is averagely forty percent (32,000) per annum. The Casualty Reception alone receives about 52% out of which 40% are admitted.

Education and Training

The department offers clinical training to undergraduate students of University of Ghana Medical School, postgraduate residents of the West Africa College of Surgeons and Ghana College of Surgeons. It is also provide clinical training to students of the School of nursing of University of Ghana, Legon and Nursing Training Colleges in the country.

The department is also a popular choice for foreign elective students and residents in Trauma and Orthopaedics.

The department has some equipment for health care delivery e.g.
- Power drill
- Implant prosthesis
- 4 Theatres
- Image intensifier

How patients are admitted to the Centre

- Without referral due to emergencies of the accident victims
- With referral